Monday, June 18, 2012

One of those Randoms! ~ "Collage Photography"

So while I was navigating through my Blog I noticed something interesting; when I scrolled the page to just the right spot, the picture on the foreground matched up with the picture in the background! I saw this and I thought of how awesome it would be to put them together, but then I remembered that I would never published any edited pictures! Anyways I thought about it pretty hard and decided to do it for the fun and the art I could be making, almost forgetting it's a photograph and focusing on the Collage art aspect and that I would give it away for free to followers of my photography. Yes, the picture below is for you, it's a thank you for signing up on any of my social media sites and following my progress as a photographer.

Fun Fact: All the images used to make this collage were taken on the same day, within the same hour, and for the same theme: Sunset photography. Also, almost all the pictures are taken towards the same direction and are positioned (on the Collage) similar to where the were taken.

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Keep on Snappin',

Sunset Miracles 

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