Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of those Randoms! ~ "The Golden Hours" follow up

So we have another new member on the RPB!! Their name is "Christian Udarbe" and I would like to welcome you on our journey with photography. I read your (Christian Udarbe) comment on "The Golden Hours" post and it gave me an awesome idea.

IDEA: I would like to invite all the photographers who read this to submit 1 photo (each) with the theme "The Golden Hours". This means that the picture has to be taken during the time of day where the sun is either rising or setting (no limitations on what the subject is; it can be a portrait, it just has to be on that time of day). Feel free to add a signature anywhere on your own picture BUT refrain from messing it up (don't clutter the image with signatures, this includes logos, or I will not post it). You can submit the picture to my email AND please make sure the longest side of the image is at least 800 pixels. Thanks for your time and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

Keep Snappin,'

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