Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo and Personal Style

So I was looking at my latest pictures and decided it should be about time I shared some information about my photography process. The pictures below were taken during the afternoon Golden Hours near a bridge that connects two cities (both cities divided by a very large body of water).
The first image is of a wave breaker that had been broken down by the waves. The warm yellow and orange light from the Sun helped create a more lively subject. I focused on the middle because I liked how that section of the wall was lower and closer to the water.

*Some of you may have noticed the "Personal settings on camera" part under the image's description. This is part of the description refers to the camera settings used, ex: Sepia, Black and White, Purple, Green. Except I used my own settings that I developed through experiences with shooting SOOC (straight out of camera). All my pictures come directly from the camera and never go through any post processing after being taken. This made it difficult to sometimes get the "real" colors and details I saw with my eyes, so in order to stick with my self-enforced goal of being an SOOC photographer I used my knowledge to fiddle around with my camera settings until I found what best pleased my taste. 

The second image was when the sun was almost at the ends of the earth (that means almost under the horizon). I really love this picture because it makes me think, for whatever reason, of the 1930's, which was a time in which I never existed. It also reminded me of The Great Gatsby kind of sunset. This image was also shot with my own personal settings. I used a medium sized Aperture in order to maintain the clouds in focus but not so closed that the magical detail created by low f/stops would be effected. Similar to the first shot, the Aperture that is closer to being more open (small f/stop number) the more focused and the better the lens tends to work (I recommend an f/stop between 2.2-3.5).

ISO 200
1/250 Shutter Speed
2.2 Aperture
Personal settings on camera*

ISO 100
1/200 Shutter Speed
5.6 Aperture
Personal settings on camera*
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