Sunday, January 1, 2017

The End

"The End ('16)"

As I was sitting on the sand looking at the sun set for the last time in 2016 I considered all the things I have experience these last 366 days (it was a leap year). I learned what I want to do as a doctor; Geriatric medicine. I also learned a lot about art and photography and how it’s not always just about the picture as much as it is about the emotions they offer. 

I learned a lot about the country I consider my home; for example, everyone has a different idea of what makes “America great again,” but on the flip side everyone shares that desire to make America a wonderful place. I also learned that not all weird things happen in Florida e.g. creepy clowns chasing you down, and the zodiac killer running for President (sorry, not sorry TD). 

It’s been quite an intense year to say the least. But in life there are as many ups as there are downs, and as I watched the sun snuggle below the horizon I was reminded that tomorrow so will the sun rise again.

"The Beginning ('17)"
Message from the artist:
Thank you to those of you that have supported me from the beginning and to those that are just starting this journey with me. I truly do appreciate your patronage. My process of making art does not end with me taking the picture and then printing it, that's just the start: the other half belongs to the viewer, and lastly the investor. Even without funding I will always make art (it's what I love) but with your support I'm able to go beyond what I can do by myself. Just as the process of my art does not end with the click of the shutter, your investment also serves the purpose of continuing my work; with your help I've been able to travel to Cuba and take pictures of the place I was born, and the city I grew up in; I was able to travel to Puerto Rico with my camera and explore the rivers and mountains that exposed me to the beauty of adventure; and with your help I was able to travel to Colombia, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life which further developed my work as an artist. 
Next time you are considering buying one of my art pieces remember that you're not only buying one art piece, you're investing in the future of art. 

Rafael Migoyo (Ravimi)
"Value of a Patron" 25% coupon code: "ARTFOREVER" [mention this code when inquiring about an art piece)  


  1. Awesome inspirational writing. And amazing photos "The begging 17" Wow!
    Can't wait to have the firts photoshoot of the year tomorrow 1/2/17 See you then buddy. (;

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I'm excited to work with you again tomorrow; let's get some great photos for the start of the year.