Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo and Personal Style: Nothing made into Something (part 1)

Ravimi Photography:

It started as nothing...

When I first started photography I really did not think it would become one of my strongest passions and skills in life just a few years down the road. I started in highschool when a club I was in asked for a volunteer to run the Media team. Being an upperclassman I decided it would probably be best to take the initiative and become the Media Director for the club. 

And that's where it began.

Seriously, I picked up my professors camera and never put it down (well sometimes when I went to the bathroom, but only sometimes). 

Since I didn't have my own camera I had to borrow, with an unnecessary amount of begging, my mom's point and shoot camera. After a month of unnecessary begging I begged one last time and got my very first camera; Casio Ex Fh100.

One of the first pics I took, full manual
with the Casio
Once I had the Casio (took months of research to find the best cheap camera, with the most manual control I could get) I stopped everything and started taking pictures.

I wasn't that good.

But I loved it.

Because I was so intent on learning as much as I could I had decided (before even getting the camera) that I would do EVERYTHING (pretty much means whatever the camera would allow) in manual mode. And after a month and 10,000-15,000 pictures later (no joke), I realized the beauty of the Casio, and unfortunately the limitations.

Some more pictures of my first exposure with a camera 

(Casio FH-EX100) 

trying out the sepia with some classmates

First pic I took of my dad

WOW I've been looking for this for SUCH a long time haha.
 After my first 1000 hours of photography (this includes studying and pure shooting) I new I had discovered a life long passion. And most importantly I decided to never let go of my no post processing photography style, along with a complete dedication to manual mode.

By this time I had my first DSLR (same one I still use btw) and within the first couple months of having it my style grew stronger, along with my knowledge.

Second stage of development: first (and current DSLR)

Canon T3i

These pictures were taken just before a 1.25 years of starting photography

Continued in Part 2

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