Monday, July 16, 2012

Photo and Personal Style ~ Photography called Street

Grab my camera and my 50mm lens, drive into the Downtown area, walk up to a random stranger whip out the Canon AND.....stand there. lol, yup that's what happened. It's incredibly hard and difficult (for the first time ever) to take a picture of someone completely random in the streets. I'd have an easier time taking pictures of a tiger while I'm inside the cage with a Philly Cheese tied onto my back. 

Well once I got over the idea of creeper status being hung around my neck, I decided to go for it. It was still difficult, this was one of my first captures:

Suckish work for what I hold myself to. But I kept on going and working for those magical images I had seen on the web to make inspiration and desire kick me out into the streets. As I progressed throughout my first day out on the streets the first thing I noticed was how artistic the city can be. I never really noticed it since I never actually took the perspective of a photographer in the city. Finding this out gave me a little bit more inspiration and I started getting better pics:

The more pics I took the more I began to start figuring the best things to do in order to feel more comfortable and produce better pics; I began talking to people and getting to know them a bit and my usual "pick-up line" was, "Hi! I'm a street photographer, can I get a picture?", and it worked like a charm every single time: 

Love this one
By the end of the day I had experienced a field of photography that was completely foreign to me, before that point. When I had only about 1 hour left I began to experiment a bit and like a rock to the face I discovered the ABSOLUTE MAGIC of "Shooting from the Hip". It was like a Chocolate Milk: AMAZING lol. Anyways, I started doing some interesting angles:

And as I had mentioned before I discovered the magic of City Architectural Photography:

With the end of the day coming and finally getting home and taking a shower after the Florida rain had me more wet than a lake I started reflecting on my latest adventure, and I felt realized a new connection in my life. I felt personally involved in the lives of the complete strangers I had photographed. I felt like they would represent a relationship in my life completely separated but not unaware of their existence. Seeing the "typical" business person walk around town and the Homeless (some within a family of homeless, which is something incredible that I realized, others completely separated from the world) sitting on the side of the road or selling little crosses made of palm leaves made me feel like I was the author of their novels; their personal Scribe. It was aw inspiring to feel that for someone I had never met, and it was something I had never felt with anyone else, even if I knew them. This feeling was what made me go be continued.

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