Friday, February 6, 2015

Away from the Tourist Trap

I stood there at the summit of Cali, Colombia in the presence of El Cristo that had a chip torn of it's cranium by a lightning strike a few nights before. I looked over the railing surrounding the tourist section and looked to the city I was slowly falling in love with.....

But then, as usual, my habit for adventure with my camera kicked in and I jumped over the railing and began to walk down the mountain side away from the tourist section of Cali's El Cristo. 
What can I discover away from areas contaminated by guided eyes, I wondered. 
And not far from the tourist section my eyes were called upon by an interesting tree stoically resting on the mountain side. I sat down on the mountain, aimed and.....

After a short rest I continued my adventure and came up to some ledges formed by scattering hills of red dirt. I began to jump down from one to the other, slowly, since I was wearing flip flops not having foreseen this adventure. At the bottom of the red hills I came upon a small path formed by rocks sliding down the mountain incline and continued to walk onwards. And there it was, a sight worthy my attention and worthy my lens. I aim and I shoot....

-Ravimi Photography

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