Friday, January 6, 2017

Spring Season Limited Edition Collection!! "The End, The Beginning"

With the start of the new year I am happy to announce a new Limited Edition collection for art enthusiasts. The collection "The End, The Beginning" will be available in a Limited quantity of 17 Aluminum prints. 

The collection includes nine(9) carefully selected images of the final Sunset of 2016 (collectively referred to as "The End") and one(1) image of the first Sunrise of 2017 (titled: The Beginning). Once 17 total Aluminum Prints have been made from the collection of 10 images the entire collection will never be available for reprinting on Aluminum. 

All images will arrive Autographed and with a Certificate of Authenticity along with an exclusive gift for the first 5 completed requests. The Gift will be one 8x12 archival paper print of any picture from the Ravimi Photography Website. The archival paper print will be autographed as well. For more information please contact us through email, private message, or phone number.


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-One 12x18 aluminum print of "The Beginning" has been purchased

16 of 17 prints remaining 

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